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Mission and values

Mission and values

Mission and values

Our Mission

Together we make medicines accessible

Pharmaceutical Company PULSE is a company built on trust and honest relationships with partners and employees. We build our business relying on values and traditions that remain unchanged from the very formation of the company. We believe that it is important to share success with people doing one business with us. We see our development in a collaborative handling of problems arising before our clients and us.

We are constantly working on improvement of efficiency of business processes and optimization of costs. Through this we can offer the best conditions to our customers.

We are proud of our high quality service.

We offer our suppliers reliable cooperation and the opportunity to have presence in every region of our country.

We give our employees the sense of self-confidence and the possibility of further professional growth.

Our values


We set ambitious goals and reach them, feeling pride. We see the world through the prism of indefinite possibilities, and enthusiastically overcome challenges on our road to success.

Professional Competence

For us it is a fusion of reliability and efficient performance.

PC PULSE is a time proven company. We act up to our promises and esteem trust of our partners.

We work openly and honestly, treating a good care of reputation of our company as a reliable one. A reliable company means responsible people, whom one can always rely on and be sure that they will perform those obligations that they assumed.

Efficient performance for us is a key phrase. We see all our business as a process dedicated to attaining a goal.


We value in people passionate attitude to the common goal, ability to listen to and to hear. Each member of our team is its important link, without which our success will not be complete.

We maintain warm relations between staff members, resting on the family traditions of trust and goodness.

Positive Attitude

Positive sign thinking is a foundation that we use to build our attitude to life, people, oneself. It has an uncanny ability to change life for the better, and leads to a success without fail. We know that for sure!