PULSE St. Petersburg

PULSE St. Petersburg

  • St. Petersburg
  • Kaliningrad region
  • Republic of Karelia
  • Komi Republic
  • Leningrad region
  • Murmansk region
  • Novgorod region
  • Pskov region
Area covered -952 568 sq.m
Year of foundation-2001
Number of employees-240
Total area of warehouse facilities-10 300 sq.m
Number of delivery points -4 310

“With PULSE St. Petersburg you receive a reliable partner, for whom the main values are honesty and trust, mutually beneficial cooperation, responsiveness and professionalism,” – asserts Vladislav Domidontov, General Director of the company.

Pioneer of the PULSE’ regional network, PULSE St. Petersburg, justly stands on leading positions in many indicators:

  • the company stands in top three leaders for the North-Western region of Russia;
  • goods turnover grows more than by 50% each year;
  • over 98% of pharmaceutical market customers works with the company;
  • shipments are dispatched from a modern class “A” warehousing complex, compliant with all pharmaceutical requirements.

“Trust of customers is a basis for victories in the present time and a formula for success in the future,” – thinks Natalia Sidorova, Director of Sales.

198323, St. Petersburg,
Lomonosovskiy district,
Production area Gorelovo,
block 5, 2a Volokhonskoe shosse
Regional offices
St. Petersburg
Veliky Novgorod


Surzhikova Tatiana
Sidorova Natalia
Director of sales