PULSE Bryansk

PULSE Bryansk

  • Bryansk region
  • Kaluga region
  • Orel region
  • Smolensk region
  • Tula region
Area covered-164 744 sq.m
Year of foundation-2010
Number of employees-139
Total area of warehouse facilities-3 280 sq.m
Number of delivery points -2 660

Personnel of PULSE Bryansk, according to its director Valeriy Tatarinov, operates like a perfectly coordinated orchestra. Responsible, communicative, unified employees, spurred on the desire for being helpful to the company, work in tune with each other, look to the same side, breathe the same air. Team of the company is the leader of employee loyalty. The long-standing traditions of care and attention, mutual assistance, responsiveness extend from the company team to customers of the company. Anyone signing a contract with PULS Bryansk may be tranquil: it entrusts its business to one of the most competent and strong team of our regional networks. Shares of sales in regions – are among the highest. “We are glad to feel ourselves a single live organism with our customers,” – thinks Pavel Davidov, head of Sales of PULSE Bryansk.

241038, Bryansk,
1 Staleliteinaya str.
Regional offices


Tatarinov Valeriy
Davidov Pavel
Head of Sales